Rip Currents, High Tide On Tap Friday

'Moderate' rip current risk today

Beachgoers were being warned about an elevated rip current risk on Friday.

The National Weather Service said there was a "moderate" , meaning wind and wave conditions were favorable for stronger or more frequent rip currents than usual.

Beachgoers have also experienced deep ocean water and extra-high ocean tides over the past several days, in some cases causing some beach erosion.

Meteorologist Steve DiMartino of NYNJPAWeather.com, told Patch the reason for the unusually high tides has to do with the fact that the winds are shifting more to the northeast over the Atlantic and driving the water into the coastline.

"Look for more enhanced surf with other tropical low pressure systems out there," said DiMartino, in an e-mail.

The afternoon high tide Friday will occur between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. in Ocean and Monmouth counties.


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