Old Guys Can Play Lacrosse Too!

Local men's lacrosse league placed 2nd in national tournament and just started their fall season.

What is TROG?

“That's a common question for a lot of the guys in the league - many of which work on wall street, run their own business, or simply are retired and still want to play lacrosse,” says Mark Brown, a local lacrosse player.  

TROG, or the Two River Old Guys, is a local men’s lacrosse league that just started the fall season.

The team has been in existence for over 5 years and is made up of a bunch of local guys. “The team is mostly guys from the Rumson Fair Haven area, and we also have some guys from Colts Neck, Little Silver, Middletown,” said Brown.

The guys who play have a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. “We have several guys that have played major league lacrosse, have played division 1 lacrosse at such schools as Duke, Syracuse, Delaware, Rutgers to name a few, and we have guys who have never played before as well,” explained Brown.

About 80 guys participate in TROG and play a spring and fall season - each of which are about ten games each and then the TROG Cup final game. “We have a draft each season where two captains are selected and they pick the two teams that play each other,” said Brown.

In addition to their intramural seasons, TROG offers a travel team made up of the best players. This August, the team traveled to the Lake Placid Lacrosse Summit where there was over 125 teams competing. TROG finished the tournament in second place after playing 13 teams in the Men’s Master’s Division. “It was only our third year competing in the tournament and to get to that level of play is pretty impressive for us,” said Brown.

The teams practice at in Rumson every Saturday during the seasons to prepare for competition. “To get ready for tournaments, we scrimmage against RFH players and current local area college students,” said Brown.

These old guys not only play lacrosse as a team, but also help out the community. Long Branch school system is in the process of bringing lacrosse into their athletics program. To help them build a foundation for the program, TROG donated $1,500 to 5 Long Branch students so that they could attend a United Lacross Camp in the area.

They also help out students over seas. “Trog member Chris Barber also coordinated with the Baghdad Lacrosse Club, which was founded by former ambassador to Iraq,” explained Brown. “We donated a whole teams worth of old equipment that was shipped to Iraq for current military serving in there who wanted to play lacrosse.”

The team also helps out with the each year. Kelleher was a founding member of TROG as well as a Rumson EMT.

If you are interested in learning more about TROG or would like to join, go to www.troglax.com.


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