RFH Post Prom Extravaganzas Keep Kids Safe and the Good Times Rolling

With prom season being one of the most dangerous for teen drinking and driving, RFH has come up with a solution: offer an after party that can't be missed.

It is prom season, which means tuxes, gowns, dancing and crowns. But what happens after its all over?

According to About.com, statistics show that Prom-Graduation season, the months of April, May and June, is the most dangerous time for teens. One-third of the alcohol-related traffic fatalities involving teens each year occur during those months.

At students have the opportunity to attend an extravagant post prom event where they can have fun and parent's can rest easy thinking about their child's after prom plans. 

“The reason we do post prom is to keep kids safe that night. It happens to be one of the biggest nights in the country for kids to go out and be crazy,” said Meg Briggs, the senior post prom committee co-chair. “We want to give them a safe environment to have fun.” 

Post prom is an “after party” that takes place at the high school from 11:00 p.m.-3:00 a.m. after the prom. It is free to students, unlike the actual prom which costs $95, and is completely sponsored by local businesses, families and friends of the school.

 “People around here are really supportive,” said Christine Morre, the senior post-prom committee co-chair. “It is a really expensive event and we count on the donations from the community, families and friends.” 

The junior and senior post prom committees, made up of parent volunteers, have both raised over $9,000 for the event plus donated prizes. They have been working hard on getting donations since October and have made post prom committee a part time job since January. “I would say I work on this at least 12 hours a week,” said Moore. “Everywhere I go I am asking someone for help or donations. It’s a part of my every day life!”

In the past, there was one prom and one post prom for RFH students. As they started to see attendance drop, the PTSA and the school decided to make prom a class specific event. “Last year was the first time they separated the proms and had two post-proms. Two events means twice the work, twice the cost but also twice the attendance,” said Briggs. 

Last year, both post proms had over 93 percent attendance by the students who went to the prom. Also, students who choose not to attend the prom can still go to post prom, with parental permission.  “A lot of students who say they don’t want to come end up coming,” said Moore. “Their friends will call them up and be like ‘You’ve got to get here! This is so much fun!’”

At the post prom, students are offered a variety of food, activities, music and prizes. Committee members say that offering great prizes like a personal school parking spot with your name on it at the junior post prom and an iPad at the senior event are some of the reasons why post prom is so highly attended. “We entice them with prizes, nice prizes,” explained PTSA Co-President Maura McCarthy.

In addition to prizes like televisions, college cash and a Chinese auction full of great stuff, there are also unique and fun activities. Juniors will have the opportunity to surf on a virtual surf board and swim for cash in a money booth. Seniors will be tested by a mind reader and play human foosball. Both post proms will offer yummy food like pizza, subs, cupcakes and Smoothie King.

“It really is a night where they can just let loose, have fun and be free,” said McCarthy.

If you are interested in donating prizes or cash for the event, contact the high school PTSA.

Some of the corporate business sponsors who have already donated to the events include Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls, Salon at the Station in Little Silver, Shore Fitness Partners Little Silver, Francesco's in Atlantic Highlands, Sugarush in Red Bank, Dr. Robert McGuire, Two River Orthodontics in Little Silver, MTV-NYC, Komar-NYC

Others businesses that contributed towards the post proms are FH hardware, Butch's car Wash, Nauvoo, The Atlantic Club, River Road Books, Rumson Pharmacy, Synergy Yoga, Le Pappion, Posch Boutique, Dr. Cliff Rigby DDS, Northshore, Salt Creek Grill, Flair Cleaners, Staples, Tranquility Spa, The Turning Point, Ye Ole Pie Shoppe, Surf Taco, Athletes Alley, Carvel, Fromagerie, Mr. Pizza Slice, Keansburg Waterpark, Shrewsbury Car Wash, Superstar Nails, Spa at the commons, Tavolo, Red Bank Cinema, Gracie & the Dudes, Bains Hardware, Lairds Staionery, Yumi, Boxwood garden, Chix with a Stick, Daisy Chocolates, Woodward Realy, Ocean Place Hilton, Sea Bright Dunkin Donuts, Crazees, Prevention First, World Jeep Subaru, Task Force Against Substance Abuse, TAO Restaurant NYC, College Funding Assoc, Fair Haven PTA, Monmouth Medical Center, Demonaco Agency, Fromagerie, Rumson Community Appeal, Rumson First Aide, Oceanic Hook & Ladder, Fair Haven Shopping Center, Wendy Jones Law Office, Pediatric Dental Care, Fair Haven Fire Dept., Rumson PBA, Buy Rite Liquors, Lollies Candy, Fairwinds Deli, Brennans Deli, McLoones Restaurant, Sickles, Atlantic Bagels, Grandmas Bagels, Gourmet Picnic.


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