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RCDS Students Learn Life Lessons from Author/Cartoonist

Marc Tyler Nobleman gave a special presentation to the students of the Rumson Country Day School.

(RCDS) students took a break from their usual classes Wednesday to get a personal look into the “real world” with author and cartoonist Marc Tyler Nobleman.

Nobleman’s career consists of writing for Nickelodeon Magazine for 8 years, writing 70 books and thousands of cartoons; however his successes were not the only topic of discussion with students. In fact a large part of Nobleman’s presentation emphasized the importance of persistence and how everyone experiences rejection when following their passion.

“No one is going to pick you out of the crowd to work for them,” explained Nobleman. “If you want something you need to go first, you can not let nervousness get in the way because your nerves will eventually go away.”

Nobleman usually spends his days at home working on stories or illustrating, but going to schools and talking to students is as rewarding to this author.

“Kids are persistent and they don’t even realize it,” said Nobleman. “They need to learn the limit of persistence but it is a good quality to have.

Although the students at RCDS are too young to completely understand the rejection of working in the “real world”, they do understand it on another level, which Nobleman personally related to with his own middle school soccer tryout experience.

“I went out for the soccer team when I was in seventh grade and I didn’t make the team. I never tried out again and now I will never now if I would have made the team if I went back in eighth grade,” explained Nobleman. “I am scared of never knowing. Just by showing up the coach would have seen my dedication and persistence and that alone would have helped my chances to make the team.”

Nobleman is the author of Boys of Steel, a story about the creators of superman. Bill the Boy Wonder, will be the newest addition to Nobleman's career and tells the story of the secret co-creator of Batman. Bill the Boy Wonder will be available for purchase in July.

More about Nobleman can be learned on his blog; noblemania.blogspot.com.


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