R-FH Students Honored for Respect

Several were recognized recently in honor of Respect Week

"You Got Dawg-ed" could have a variety of interpretations; but during the NJ Respect Week at its meaning was clear.

The R-FH-coined phrase signals the commendation of those who serve as an example of how to treat themselves and others with the highest levels of respect. 

Recently, on Oct. 5, R-FH students, nominated by fellow students and teachers,  "got Dawg-ed" in a small ceremony for demonstrating those qualities of character and consderation for others.

Those students honored were: Ninth graders Christopher Fahey, Colin Gunther, Peter Halliday, AJ Kelly, Vinny Mazzeo, James Oncea, and Daniel Shebell; Tenth graders Carly Green, Caroline Hoye, and Mark Tidalgo; Eleventh graders Ryan Campbell, Chris Fuschetti, Matt Hervilly, Bryce Langille, Jamie Reeves, Jeremy Susser, and Jason Bryan; and Twelfth graders Ellie Halfacre, Angela Levantino, Amy Littleson, Shannon Pahler, and Jess Tidalgo. RFH Special Services teacher and Social Worker Ginny Giamo was also recognized during the ceremony.

Additional Respect Week activities hosted at R-FH from Oct. 1 through 5 included "Think Before You Speak," "Dress UP Day," "Coming Out As An Ally," "The Ripple Effect," and "Disabilities Awareness."

All of the activities were designed to enhance the students' awareness and acceptance of the differences between individuals, and the need for respect among the entire school population.


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