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R-FH Gets High Grade Among Schools

New NJ School Performance Report is out

There may be a new NJ Department of Education scoring system for school performance, but making a top grade was nothing new for Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (R-FH), which has consistently ranked high among high schools in the state.

With 1,000 students in the district, the new NJ School Performance Report for R-FH showed the school as ranking very high, the highest grade, in the College and Career Readiness category.

The school earned the categorical distinction by outperforming 82 percent of the schools across the state and 70 percent of those in its peer group, or schools with similar demographics, including Holmdel, Marlboro and Shore Regional high schools in Monmouth County.

College and Career Readiness scores are tallied according to a school's participation in Advanced Placement (AP) classes, SAT and PSAT testing, according to the report.

In the Academic Achievement category, based on math and language arts standardized test results, R-FH placed high statewide, outranking 79 percent. In its peer group, the school outperformed 57 percent, considered an average amount in that grouping.

Broken down, the school outpaced 77 percent statewide in HSPA language arts proficiency scoring and 81 percent in math. In its peer group, R-FH outperformed 55 percent in language arts and 58 percent in math, or average.

There are 16 AP classes offered at R-FH. The average composite SAT score for the school is 1708, compared to a peer group average of 1680.

In the Graduation and Post-Secondary category of the report measures "the rate at which students who begin high school four years earlier graduate within four years. Also included is a measure of the rate at which students in a particular school drop out of school," the report said.

R-FH did better than 77 percent, a high rank, of the schools across the state in this category and topped 50 percent of its peers, or average in that grouping.

R-FH was ranked as the top school in Monmouth County by NJ Monthly.

To see how other schools in the area fared, click the link here: http://education.state.nj.us/pr/nav.php?c=25

Billy Goat April 17, 2013 at 10:45 AM
I wonder how Forrestdale and Deane-Porter measured up? And I wonder why they are two separate districts with two superintendents. RFH Superintendent has proven his leadership. Rumson Superintendent, Caufield-Sloane has proven that she can only divide that district further. I can't figure out why we pay two Superintendent salaries, plus the price to run two different BOE offices.
MrsTea April 18, 2013 at 11:29 AM
Looks like someone here thinks an 82% is cause for accolades. Stop deleting valid posts!!
J.Lane April 22, 2013 at 06:59 PM
The K-8 districts educate students for 9 years, the HS had them for 3 years (they test in 11th grade). Students do well at RFH because the K-8 districts prepared them well!


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