R-FH Fine Art Featured at Library

The exhibit, featuring the work of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School artists, will run through the end of the month.

Leonardo da Vinci. Mary Cassatt. Pablo Picasso. Georgia O'Keeffe. Andy Warhol. Frida Kahlo. Jack Lawlor. Katie Ebner. Jake Simpson. Jennifer Maloney. If you fail to recognize the last four names in this list of famous artists, just give it some time.

They are among a group of talented students at Rumon-Fair Haven High School preparing to make their mark on the art world. In the meantime, their work is among over 50 pieces of R-FH student art on display display through the end of February at the Oceanic Free Library in Rumson.

"The pieces are just amazing, and I simply cannot believe that they were created by high school students," Library Director Nanette Reis said.

Many of the paintings, ceramic pieces, and jewelry included in the exhibit are available for purchase. Most of the participating students plan to pursue careers in the field of fine art.

"The quality of the work is comparable to that of professional artists, and this is a wonderful chance for the public to acquire beautiful pieces at reasonable prices," said Assistant Librarian Theresa Carracappa, curator of the exhibit.

This is the second year of the exhibit, and Carracappa is confident that its  popularity and success will lead to a long-standing program.

The Oceanic Free Library is located at 109 Avenue of Two Rivers in Rumson.


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