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New Principal Named to Fair Haven's Knollwood School

Nelson Ribon, the new principal of the Knollwood School, meets the 2011-2012 staff at the July BOE meeting.

Familiar faces, new teachers and a new principal all met at the recent meeting Fair Haven Board of Education meeting.

The meeting was held July 27 inside the library of where the new returning staff met.

Nelson Ribon, the new principal at the Knollwood School, was also in attendance.

A mix of discussions and input from the staff, administration, search committee and parents led to Ribon being seen as the best candidate for the principal position according to Kathi Cronin, the Fair Haven Schools superintendent.

Forward thinking, strong love of languages and a sense of community were some of the credentials people listed a new principal should have. Cronin says that Ribon brings all of these qualities to the table.

Ribon has spent the last seven years as principal of the Freehold Borough Intermediate School and before that was a Spanish teacher. 

“I’m extremely honored to be coming to Fair Haven,” said Ribon. “I’m excited to join the community. Hopefully I’ll be here from day one because it’s all about the kids and for me to be being affective I want to be here from the start. I’m looking forward to meeting every student and being a big impact on the family.”

The staff has responded well to his arrival and he is looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming school year, he said.  

His start date is still being figured out as he is contracted to his old school and must give 60 days. The school will work around it if needed according to Cronin.

While they are bringing in a news face, some are resiging. Professional staffers Suzanne Guidry, Jane Kablaoui and Kelly Quinn's  resignation went into effect June 30. Rosalia Minervini's goes into effect Aug. 31.

Nine new staff members were appointed. They consist of one first grade teacher, two fifth grade teachers, two Spanish teachers, one media specialist, two part-time special education teachers and one part time in class support. They include: Danielle Armstrong, J. Morgan Brown, Matthew Growick, Basil Henning, Genie Iovino, Michael Lubischer, Christy O’Connor, June Sustick and Jill Weinheimer.  

John Stemmier was approved to complete 60 hours of observation beginning the week of Sept. 26.

The September board meeting was moved to the September 21 because the original date interfered with Rosh Hashanah.

The next Fair Haven Board of Education meeting will be Aug 24 at 8:00 p.m.


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