Maura Beyer: Candidate for Unexpired Term on Rumson BOE

Beyer, who was recently appointed to the board to fill the unexpired term of Colleen Hodge, is seeking to fill that spot until 2014, when Hodge's term was to end.

Name, age and address: Maura Beyer, 41, 24 Highland Ave. 

Occupation: I am a full time homemaker raising four children with my husband, Charlie.

Education: Ripon College, 1994

Affiliations: class parent, three years; computer lab aid, six years; library aid, three years; class assembly coordinator, two years; member of PTO and Rumson Education Foundation; member of the Garden Club; Rumson Recreation coach, seven years; Peninsula Soccer Club coach, three years.

Have you ever held a position on a school board, here or elsewhere, and, if so, for how long and when? 

I have been voted in to fill the position vacated by Colleen Hodge in August, 2012.  I will run for the two-year (unexpired) term on Nov. 6.

How many years have you lived in Rumson and how many children, if any, (include ages) do you have in the district schools? 

My family moved to Rumson in November of 2003.  I have three sons in grades eight, six and two and a daughter in third grade. They all attend Forrestdale and Deane-Porter schools.

What was your impetus for running for a seat on the BOE?

As a parent of four children in the Rumson school system, I am committed to ensuring the educational opportunities provided to our children are at the highest standards possible. I believe that by being a member of the Board of Education I can best contribute to our schools' education policies and goals to achieve this aim.
What do you feel makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

With my knowledge and understanding of our educational environment through extensive volunteer work in the school system and my strong
belief in the importance of our children's education, I believe I am well suited to work with our administration to ensure that our schools provide our children with a great education. My focus on and commitment to this goal is unwavering.

What do you feel is the primary issue the board is faced with and how, specifically, would you address that issue should you be elected?

I feel our primary concern should be our school curriculum. With the ever- changing and multiple methods by which subjects are being taught, I feel that it is extremely important to focus and place emphasis on ensuring the curriculum we offer is as comprehensive as it can be and affords our children the skills and knowledge to compete as they grow and advance in the local school system and further education.

We are faced with state requirements at all levels of education so we must be aware how our school will adapt to ensure that our students are offered all opportunities available. Our community expects that our children be challenged at every level and I am committed to ensuring these challenges benefit our children's academic enrichment.

The board has been accused of not being transparent enough. Do you feel that is true or not? If so, why or why not and how would you remedy the complaint?

As an active member of the community and having attended many meetings offered to parents, I have never heard that complaint. The Board of Education has been responsive to me when I have asked questions.

However if this sentiment is true I will do my best as a web of the BOE to address it and rectify it.


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