Lancers Fall Hard to Bulldogs in No Contest Game at St. John Vianney

RFH Dawgs prepare for this weekend's Battle of Ridge Road at RBR.

The defeated the St. John Vianney Lancers Friday night at the SJV stadium in Holmdel.  

The Bulldogs stunned their opponents when they scored on their opening drive with a deep pass.  The Dawgs did not stop there.  The defense kept the time of possession to a minimum for the Lancers and when on offense, ran to the left, to the right, and right up the middle too, for over 175 yards and four touchdowns.  

The Dawg Pound traveled to the away game and wore their purple with pride.  They rallied behind the cheerleaders and the RFH Marching band and provided a unified rally cry, “We’re here – to beat the Lancers!”

The Lancers entered the stadium slowly tearing through a banner, but their charge pretty much ended there as the Bulldogs were prepared with an arsenal of weapons and launched an attack both on the ground and through the air.   If any Dawg fans had jitters at the start of the game, they were gone in less than three minutes.  That's how long it took the Bulldogs to put points on the score board with a 60 yard pass from to for a touchdown.  The Dawgs put up an armored defense that only let up 64 yards, including 5 sacks and a safety.  

Final score RFH 37 – SJV 0.

“We are very pleased with our performance Friday night vs. SJV,” said RFH Head Coach, .  “Winning 37-0 is a credit to our balance as a team.  We excelled offensively, defensively and on special teams.  We are now focused on the Battle of Ridge Road.”  

Coach Fallon will prepare The Bulldogs this week for their next opponent, Red Bank Regional Buccaneers.  Fans should expect a huge crowd at this legendary match-up between the Bulldogs and Bucs.  The takes place at Red Bank Regional High School this year on Sat., Sept. 24 noon.


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