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Generosity, Grants and a Goodbye at the Fair Haven Board of Education Meeting

Various topics discussed at last nights Board of Education meeting.

Generosity, grants and goodbyes were among the topics discussed at the Fair Haven Board of Education meeting on May 25.


Generosity was in the air Wednesday evening at the Fair Haven Board of Education meeting with not only the gift of $7,500 directly to the Board but also the gift of 40 new laptops to the Knollwood Media Center.

The Fair Haven Board of Education received a generous donation of $7,500 from the Booster Club last night during its regular meeting at 8:00 p.m. in the Knollwood Media Center on Hance Road.

The Booster Club marked the ending of the school year with its donation to the Board of Education and its announcement that the Booster Club will be announcing its Eighth Grade Award winners in the upcoming weeks. The two recipients, a boy and a girl, will receive a $100 Savings Bond courtesy of the Booster Club.

Keeping with the generosity in the air, the Education Foundation announced its gift of 40 portable laptops to the Knollwood Media Center. These laptops have a three-year warrantee and students will have the opportunity to use them in the upcoming academic school year.


The Education Foundation also announced it has chosen its winners for the seventh grade . Each seventh grade student proposes an idea that anticipates bettering their class and future and fellow classes at Knollwood School.

The students went beyond creative writing and followed the exact protocol, said Superintendent Kathleen Cronin. "I was happily astonished by the level of these student's writing," she said.

What amazed some board members was the complexity of the writing and that three of the submissions mentioned ideas that were spoken about previously amongst council.

"It's good to see the students and board are on the same page," Cronin said.

Out of the 121 submissions, two first place winners were selected because the quality of their essays both deserved to be recognized, said Education Foundation President Pat Finaldi.


As the school year comes to a close Knollwood prepares to say goodbye to Principal Thomas Famulary.

The Board passed the resolution to accept the letter of resignation from Principal of Knollwood School, Thomas Famulary, in effect as of September 1, 2011.
Principal Famulary has been principal of his alma mater since 2000.


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