Forrestdale School Edible Garden Proposal Approved

Expansion of science curriculum promotes education, nutrition and community building.

This spring, Rumson students will reap what they sow – literally.

Learning outside of the classroom has been a part of Forrestdale School’s science curriculum for years with the addition of its greenhouse. Interested in more hands-on learning opportunities, parents Annie McGinty and Tammy Perconti met with Superintendent Scott Feder to discuss expanding the existing garden program. With the support of the Forrestdale staff and Rumson Garden Club, the Rumson School Board approved an edible garden proposal.

Landscape architect Steven Krog donated a planned layout for the garden, which will surround the perimeter of Forestdale’s greenhouse. The layout includes eight raised vegetable beds for assorted beans, carrots and broccoli with the possibility of berry plants being added alongside them.

“We also will have a compost bin and rain barrels for the students to study and learn from,” said Rumson Board of Education member Colleen Hodge.

As the garden develops, Forrestdale students will learn the ins and outs of horticultural processes while also expanding their knowledge of specific plants. “The students’ involvement will be incorporated in all aspects of the garden from planting seeds to studying the plants,” said Hodge.

Whether or not students will get a taste of their efforts is still under discussion. “Ultimately the school would love to be able to have the students harvest and eat from the garden,” said Hodge.

Forrestdale’s new garden will promote education, nutrition and community building for Rumson students. “It really was a community effort, and our school is very thankful,” said Hodge.

Forrestdale’s first planting day will take place on Saturday, May 14.


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