Officials: Sandy Flooded 1,850 Homes in Manasquan

Affected residents, businesses being asked to shut off main breakers

Hurricane Sandy by the numbers in Manasquan: 

  • 1,850 homes flooded or damaged by wave attack
  • 1,100 homes in electrical grids that have not been restored (many more homes have had meters removed)
  • 100 displaced Manasquan families reported to the school district, 250-500 displaced families estimated Borough-wide
  • NJR replacing most gas mains on beachfront and roughly 900 residential units currently without gas service

Residents and business owners who have sustained any type of flooding to their residence, business or any structure that has power are advised to make sure their main breaker is in the OFF position and that the structure is isolated from the power grid, according to a release from the borough. 

If inspectors deem that your electrical service panel has been impacted by storm surge and is not safe to energize, they are "red tagging" the meter and recording the address. These units will not be energized until a licensed electrical contractor inspects the property and provides the town with a written certification that the property is safe to energize, the release says.

Furthermore, if repairs need to be made, an expedited permit will be made and an inspection by borough Construction Code officials will be conducted prior to restoration, the release says.

If you believe your home was not flooded by the storm and the meter was pulled and/or “red tagged” the borough will provide an electrical code inspector to verify this at no cost to the homeowner, the release says. 

Additionally, if your residence has been flooded and your residence has not been tagged, you are advised to not to turn your breaker on until your house has been inspected by a licensed electrician, the release says. 

Many areas that have had power restored to flooded homes have seen electrical and structural fires causing extensive damage and in some cases life threatening situations. Again… if your house has been flooded, DO NOT turn your breaker on until your house has been inspected by a licensed electrician, the release says.

Once your house is safe to energize, the wording from your Licensed Electrician should state the following: 

“I certify that the electrical panel and meter pan were not infiltrated by water or otherwise adversely impacted by the storm and the property is safe to energize. I understand that the Borough of Manasquan reserves the right to conduct a follow-up inspection to verify these findings and that any false statement is subject to fine and punishable to the fullest extent of the law including loss of licensure. ”

The borough's Disaster Recovery Information Center has been relocated to the second floor of Borough Hall, 201 East Main Street.

You can contact the Disaster Recovery Hotline at 732-223-0544, ext. 238.

The center is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Please use this line for any and all questions -- do not call Police Headquarters or 9-1-1 unless it is an actual emergency. 


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