Officials Critique Proposed Parkway Exit 105 Changes

Most agree direct connection should be made between Parkway and Route 18

The proposed changes to Garden State Parkway Exit 105 in Tinton Falls can be improved, most officials agree.

The changes include improvements to the Hope Road/Route 36 intersection, a new southbound connection to Wayside Road and the construction of a second northbound deceleration lane.

The project, which is being overseen by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, was recently presented to the public in Tinton Falls, where several residents and officials got to see the plans for the first time.

Tinton Falls Mayor Skudera said he has two main concerns about the project.

Skudera said the addition of two new traffic signals on Hope Road would not help alleviate traffic concerns.

"I'm not sure if adding the traffic lights will help or hurt traffic," Skudera said.

Skudera said the southbound Parkway exit that will take drivers to Wayside Road will not help improve traffic to and from Fort Monmouth. Making it easier to get to the developing Fort Monmouth property from the Parkway is one of the stated goals of the project.

Skudera said there should be a direct connection from the southbound Parkway to Route 18 and not Wayside Road. He said Wayside Road is a residential area and that it would not be good to introduce more traffic.

Former Monmouth County Freeholder John Villapiano, a Long Branch resident, agreed and said connection to major highways would make more sense.

"I think if you link the two, the traffic will be relieved," Villapiano said.

Eatontown Mayor Gerald Tarantolo said his review of the project, "had some shortcomings."

"We recognize there are certain things that were overlooked as it relates to Eatontown and surrounding area," Tarantolo said. "We pointed those out to them, they took note of them and the word was that they would consider some of those comments as a result of that public meeting."

"Living on Grant Avenue, I get all the traffic that has to make the u-turn to get back onto the Parkway North after coming over from Route 18," Tarantolo continued. "They were never even aware that it was a problem. I told them it was one of the areas they were going to have to take a good, hard look at, and there are some other areas, also, that were brought to their attention."

Tarantolo said he hopes the New Jersey Turnpike Authority will look at some of the concerns that have been raised.

"It's still an open issue, we will get those comments to the right people and hopefully we can establish a dialogue and get incorporated into this $48 million project, some of the things we feel should be considered as part of the project," he said.

Skudera said he is also looking to have another meeting with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to discuss some of his issues with the project.

To see more of Patch's coverage of the Exit 105 changes, click here.

Karen December 17, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Does anyone know if exit 105 southbound is currently closed? I remember seeing something in the newspaper a couple weeks ago, but can not find anything online now. Thanks.


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