Fair Haven Requires Businesses to Register with the Borough

Fair Haven now requires all businesses operating in the borough to fill out application for license with the borough clerk each year.

Businesses in Fair Haven will have to register for a business license with the Borough of Fair Haven.

The mayor and council passed an ordinance last month that requires all businesses to fill out a form that shares name of the business, contact information for the owner of the business and of the building, and alarm information.

“The purpose of the ordinance is to be able to communicate with business owners on a more accurate basis, and to be able to reach business owners after hours,” said Michael Halface, the Mayor of Fair Haven. “For example, if a fire or burglar alarm is going off, or if the business is broken in to, we often do not have contact info for the owners.” 

The council worked with the to create the application and local businesses say they are happy to register. “My feelings about the Borough of Fair Haven taking the time and initiative to track and record all of the businesses is a very good thing!” said Maureen Bay of Gem of an Idea.

Bay said this is something she wanted for a while. “It's something that we lobbied for many years ago, when I was President of the Fair Haven Business Association. I think it's important to have a central information person/place for anyone interested in setting up business here,” she said.

The borough has already spread the word to local businesses through the assiciation and hopes that when new ones are looking to come to town, they check in with the borough first.

“Any time a business plans to open up, it would seem appropriate to visit borough hall and see if there is any information to be shared, either way,” said Mayor Halfacre. “It is surprising how many problems occur simply because business owners don't think to talk to the town ahead of time.”

According to Allyson Cinquegrana, the borough clerk, Fair Haven businesses should check their mail for the registration form in early spring of 2012.

The ordinance says that the licensing period will be from July 1 to June 30 of each year. There is no fee to file this registration, but if a business does not register by September, they will face a $25 late fee.

The ordinance also states that if a business opens during the licensing year, the business must be registered with within 30 days of opening.

For more information, click here to check out the ordinance.

Joanne December 09, 2011 at 11:55 AM
Red Bank offers gift cards that are accepted and many of their businesses - would love to see Fair Haven do the same. What a great way to support local businesses and get your holiday shopping done!


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