Fair Haven Names in the News for 2014

Find out who's who in the borough this year

As with every town, the start of the new year in Fair Haven means the appointment and reappointment of officials and the swearing in of line officers in the fire department, first aid squad, fire police and ladies' auxiliary.

That all happened on New Year's Day. So, for your information, here's the who's who list for 2014:

• With two seated councilmen, Jonathan Peters and Rowland Wilhelm sworn in to additional three-year terms, Peters is again council president.

• Daniel J. Kane is the new fire chief, with Scott Eskwitt as deputy, Jerry Wojciehowski as first assistant chief and Tim Morrissey as second assistant.

• Patrick Corbett is the captain of the Fair Haven First Aid Squad, with Joe Truex as first lieutenant and Kim Ambrose as second.

• Martin Coy is captain of the Fair Haven Fire Police, with Lew Davison as first lieutenant and Frank Scalzo as second.

• John Felsmann is senior administrator of the Fair Haven Water Rescue/Dive Team, with James Cerutti running operations and William Heath as training officer.

• Dale Connor is the president of the fire company's Ladies' Auxiliary, with Trudy Wojciehowski as vice president.

There were no changes in professional appointments, such as borough engineer, attorney, administrator and assistant. They are: Richard Gardella, Salvatore Alfieri, Theresa Casagrande and Allyson Cinquenagrana reappointed, respectively.

For the full list and information on who was appointed to which committees, click here.


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