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Taking it Slow on FH's Kemp Avenue

Lower speed limit signs are on the street

It’s a sign of heightened safety and things slowing down on in .

In case you have not noticed, since the speed limit was officially sanctioned for lowering from 25 to 20 miles per hour in February on what is known as the student thoroughfare to and from , the signs marking the change have been installed. They dot Kemp in the center and on the sides of the road.

Parents rallied for lowering the speed as a safety precaution and police backed them, saying back in February that the average speed on the street is about 28 miles per hour. With the 25-mile-per-hour limit, it made it tougher for police to ticket people who were traveling three to four miles an hour over that limit. With the limit lowered to 20, ticketing for exceeding the limit by eight miles an hour is easier, Fair Haven Police Sgt. Robert Townshend had said.

Police had said they preferred this solution to calming traffic as opposed to speed bumps, humps and/or stop signs, since it’s more easily enforceable.


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