Rumson Party Lands Parents, Teens in Trouble With Police

According to a report, 40 people were rounded up Saturday night. How do you feel about parents hosting parties where underage drinking occurs?

Forty people, including teens and parents were taken into custody Saturday by police after a couple allegedly hosted an underage drinking party.

According to Rumson Police Chief Richard Tobias, Lt. Scott Paterson was on patrol shortly before 10 pm Saturday night when located girls in the area of Rumson Road and Bellevue Ave.  Upon further investigation, the report said, it was determined that one of the female juveniles was extremely intoxicated.  The girl was taken into custody, charged with a juvenile complaint of disorderly conduct and eventually released to her parents.  

Further investigation of the area revealed a large party at 60 Bellevue Ave. where police say underage kids were drinking alcohol.  Rumson Police requested assistance from Fair Haven Police and approximately 40 local juveniles were taken into custody and released to their parent’s with future complaints pending.  The homeowner’s were charged with maintaining a nuisance, a disorderly person’s offense.  The matter is set to be heard at Rumson Municipal Court on May 9.

It was not clear from the report if parents provided the alchohol or if they knew teens were drinking.

Herman Johnson April 24, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Whatever happened to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It used to be a felony crime. If the parents were aware of this event Chief Tobias should charge them with one count per minor. Interesting that this only involved RFH kids. This party stuff must stop. A girl from FH and recent RFH student died in a party related accident less than a month ago. Maybe they should recruit more adults willing to help kids understand substance abuse of all types and less athletic coaches. Rumor is they have 990 students and 90 sports coaches or 1 coach for every 11 students. Where are the admin's priorities?


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