R-FH Area Snowy Weather Rules

Police advise staying off the roads for now

The safety rules remain pretty consistently the same in the Rumson-Fair Haven area: No overnight on-street parking, clear your sidewalks and driveways within 24 hours; and help thy senior neighbor.

Most of all, for now, Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli said, "Police Chief Darryl Breckenridge is advising people to stay put. Don't drive yet. It's still very slippery out there."

As far as helping the seniors shovel out and stay safe, Lucarelli reminded all that there is a program dubbed Be a Good Neighbor in the borough. Roughly 50 teens are signed up to help the seniors. Checking on them and shoveling their walkways in the snow is part of the deal.

The mayor cautioned neighbors as well to be aware of the seniors in their area and make sure someone, if not you, has helped them out in this weather.

If you are aware of any seniors who need help, he advised that you call the police department at 732.747.0991 and advise the dispatcher to forward the information to Sgt. Sherri Lambert, who runs the police-driven check on the elderly and can direct the Be a Good Neighbor kids to them.


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