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FH Police Chief on Safe New Year

Some tips offered from Darryl Breckenridge

Christmas has passed, but the New Year is quickly approaching.

The sometimes hectic tenor of holidays prompted Fair Haven Police Chief Darryl Breckenridge to offer some generic tips to enjoy the festivities while staying as safe as possible.

Breckenridge's tips are listed on the borough's Web site; but, are offered here, again (in case you missed it), for your perusal with wishes from the chief and his department for a happy, safe holiday and coming New Year.

Holiday Shopping

  • While shopping, always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Park in well lit areas.
  • Remember where you parked so that you will be able to go directly to your car.
  • When you exit the store, keep the key to your car in your hand so you won’t have to look through your handbag or pockets while standing outside of your car.
  • Store your packages in your trunk to prevent theft from your vehicle while you are shopping.

Drunk Driving

• Please drive safely during this holiday season.

• Remember: Drive drunk; get pulled over. But more importantly, you could injure or kill an innocent person.

• Always use a designated driver before you choose to drink and drive.

Gun Safety

• If you own a weapon, please store your weapons in a locked gun safe and unloaded in a secure environment, inaccessible to children and other adults.

• If you no longer wish to own your weapons, firearms may be turned over to the Police Department for destruction at any time.


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