Why 2013 Will Be A Different Year For Me

Most of us are too hard on ourselves so we don't need a massive list of goals to add to the list. Be aware of the abundance of your life and give yourself credit simply for being you.

While I sit here at my kitchen table all buzzed up from caffeine waiting to go on a goal-setting rampage, a funny thing happened. I decided I have set enough goals over the last few years to last me a lifetime or two.

Then, something happens. Panic strikes. I start to get a bit twitchy and break out into a sweat. You mean no goals? What does THAT mean? Isn't that like running a race with no finish line?

Will I be running in circles? Or worse yet - won't I get BORED?

After I take a minute. Regroup and gain my composure. Geez, I am really a goal junkie..I realize, Nahh..I don't think so. It's about learning to enjoy the scenery while running that race.

This makes me think of the Land of OZ, a bit, and is merely like Glinda the Good Witch making a guest appearance for the New Year (who is dressed for it, I might add.) Just like Dorothy, she is reminding us all of a thing or two.

Dare I say, I think it's called a get a life perspective boot camp with a little "I have what I need" chaser.

2012 was a reality check for many. While we continue to work towards the "land of better" or more, many of our lives shifted. And, lucky for us, it shed some light on our worlds leading us to appreciate the extra lb or two (was it because we can afford to go out to dinner?) or messy house (was that because you were busy going to your kids games? Or better yet - how 'bout (for all of us Fair Haven-nites post Hurricane Sandy) who can actually see the mess after Alabama Power came to our rescue this past fall?

I know. I sound like the world's biggest hypocrite.

I even have a business based on setting goals. But there is one thing I want you to do today, now more than ever. In addition to the list of things you want to accomplish, health tips you want to follow and all the stuff in between that you want to do, make another list.

Take a few minutes to think (and notice) about all those things you may take for granted. We all do it. Those little amenities that we now appreciate, especially after the storms (light and heat) as well as the people, places and things that remain steady especially during times crazy in our lives.

There is fine line between wanting a better life and not even noticing how bountiful your life is at this very moment. The key is take a look at all the wonderful moments sitting right there in front of you.

Now today, commit to doing it.

For me, my goals are simple. I want to be present. I know, I know - I sound like a Deepak Chopra wannabee (although he is a fantastic spiritual author and guru of being present). But seriously, this is something I have to work on and not think too much in the future. I want to worry less about what may happen tomorrow and concentrate more on what is happening today.

I never want to overlook those little moments again (especially with my family) to which I may have been too busy to notice over the last 44 years of my ever so fast, be careful not to blink or you will miss it, life.

For today, I am committing to you, my audience, and saying this is my list of goals for the New Year. At first, I typed in "I want" instead of "I will". By doing this, I am committing to the below (and I hope you will to):

-I will to learn to be still and appreciate all that I have done, not be preoccupied with all that I have to do.

-I will learn to appreciate more around me and be okay with the leaky faucet and the rattly dishwasher.

-I will stop the madness in my brain thinking if my house was perfect, I was in better shape or I made more money that things will gently fall into place and know that this is called life.

-I will learn to be the kind of person to myself (with less judgment and gentler words) that I am to others.

-I will be okay with falling short sometimes and don't use that as a beat-up session against myself.

-I will watch and listen more, and then speak

-I will breathe.

Call it purging, organizing your brain or giving a dose of "practice what you preach, sister"; however, I can officially proclaim I feel better.

I noticed this perspective shift happening on Christmas Eve and Day when I was opening up gifts. Although I was thrilled to be given such wonderful things, over the last two months especially (post Sandy and the awful news from Newtown, CT) I am more aware of the stuff that I really don't need.  Recognizing that each gift was given with thoughtfulness, I thanked my kids, Steve, and my extended family.

But to be honest with you, what I really wanted was time.

I wanted time to go for a walk with my kids, time to work together on a project and time get to know each other again - to listen to thoughts, feelings, dreams, etc. What I realized over this past year is how precious our time is with one another.

Quite simply, I just want to be with the people to whom I love.

So while I mull over my list of what I need to do, want to achieve and have for 2013 versus a list of what I already have done and appreciate in my life at this very moment, I have a feeling this will be exactly the perspective check that I have needed for a long time.

Most of us are already so hard on ourselves so we don't need a massive list of goals for 2013 to add to the list. What we need is to give ourselves credit for how far we have already come during our lifetime so far - notice the people who have helped you get there and who add value to your life simply by being in it.  Discover tools on how you can incorporate more joy and presence in your "already too busy life" while you still reaching for the stars.

Yes, you CAN do both.

You can still wish for those six-pack abs or to up the ante with your business, just don't forget all that is "right" in your life. For real. Just do it this year.

We really all have so much to be thankful for - now commit to noticing it.

For tonight, make sure you raise a glass to toast all the goodness that in your life at this very moment, and I guarantee, 2013 will be better than ever. 

Happy New Year. Make it a good one because you can.

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Maryellen. Damora January 13, 2013 at 01:48 AM
That is so right on Patti and exactly what we all need to do this year. Take time for the simple things and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. My new song to live by is Barbara Streisand's "People". We. All need each other. I pray everyday for people to open their hearts and just love one another. I love Ann Curry's 26 Acts of Kindness. It makes you feel so good. I will be in touch. Have a wonderful weekend Maryellen
Patricia Phelan Clapp January 14, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Hi Maryellen, I thought Ann Curry's "26 Acts of Kindness" is exactly what we all need right now. Personally, I find that when I focus more on noticing the simple things, ironically, my life tends to be grander. Thanks so much for your reply. Have a fantastic week! Patti


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