O'Scanlon: Sweeney Comment Offensive

Monmouth Republican Assemblyman says Dem. Senate President is being outrageous

Assembly Republican Budget Officer Declan O’Scanlon, who represents many towns in Monmouth County affected by Hurricane Sandy, issued the following statement Monday regarding Senate President Steve Sweeney’s remark at a press conference that Gov. Christie prayed for a hurricane and 'got lucky':

“While I have supported some of the reforms proposed by Sen. Sweeney, his remark was insensitive and particularly offensive to the people along the Jersey Shore who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. His outrageous comment is an example of why the public has a cynical view of the Legislature.

“The Senate president’s comment serves no useful purpose and only offends those whose lives were impacted and may never be the same. While the Democrats repackage a costly job creation plan, the public is still waiting for sick leave reform and shared services which were introduced three years ago. Gov. Christie and his administration present clear, concise and consistent public policies while the majority party is consumed with looking for issues they believe will advance their political agenda.

 “The governor has earned historic job approval ratings by delivering on his promises and working across the aisle. Sadly, the Legislature does not enjoy the same support. The senator’s off-the-cuff statement is as heartless as it gets. Nonetheless, I look forward to working with Senator Sweeney in the effort to improve the public’s perception of the Legislature by attacking real problems with practical solutions. I have faith that Senator Sweeney will quickly realize his mistake and that his next public pronouncement will be constructive instead of destructive. The senator’s next press release should be an apology to the public instead of a partisan attack.”

Beth Amerty January 08, 2013 at 10:19 PM
Who gives a crap what any of these talking heads have to say anymore? We can't trust any of them!


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