Newsworthy: What's the Story in R-FH?

A look at what was going on last week and what we'll be looking into this week

Good eve, R-FHers! Despite a momentarily paralyzing downpour, the skies are clear right now and it looks like it’s going to be a full third night at the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair — or as we call it, just “the fair.” Tuesday, however, may just be another story (fingers crossed).

Everyone around here knows that it’s all about the fair the last week of August every year. And that’s how it should be.

It’s a tradition — a time we all know to be the best of all for reunions, relaxation and support of the primary fundraiser that keeps our dedicated volunteers going. They’re always there for us, free of charge, and we are and should be there for them at fair time.

A little reminder: Make sure you say “Thank you” to at least one of the volunteers who is handing you that prize, ride tickets or fabulous fried fair food for all they do for the community year round.

They should hear it from everyone. It’s not just about being in a popular place at a popular time of year. It’s not just about spending money to keep the kids happy. It’s also about letting people who are there for us 24/7 know that they are appreciated … no frills, plain and simple. Thank you!

On the fair subject: So far, we’ve published a few photo galleries — of , , and the — and stories on , and a . And there’s much more to come …

• This week, we’ll feature a story about Jake and his crew from Majestic Midways, the carnival people that put all the rides together for many years and have a few fair traditions of their own.

We’ll also have some more photo galleries and stories along the way with a finale on closing night.

Besides the fair, as if there were any such thing this week …

• Today we ran a column from Linda DeNicola on some things to savor about . Check it out.

• Someone has resigned from the Rumson Board of Education. We’ll fill you in and tell you about the process involved in replacing someone before their term is up.

• Back-to-school time is coming soon. We’ve run some stories about new things on this school year’s agenda, like , , , a familiar face in the and .

Now we will start filtering in more stories about what’s to be expected on that first day back in all three districts — Rumson, Fair Haven and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional.

• Fair Haven’s hometown last week. We chatted with him while he was on the road. Is there more news to come about him? Possibly.

• For some time now, there’s been a lot of talk around town about development and the average size of homes getting bigger and bigger. Market demand or squeezing out the more modest lifestyle? We talked with people on both sides of the unofficial debate.

• Speaking of housing … Rumson is trying to catch up with meeting its affordable housing mandate. Some residents are not too happy about that. Why? We spoke with the mayor about it and collected data — concerning some statistical truths about affordable housing — that may surprise people. Is affordable housing really all that affordable? For many, it is not.

• And remember off the shores of Rumson? We’ll be delving into the historic preservation angle on that. Stay tuned.

Of course, there will be little tidbits here and there to add to the weekly story list. So, keep reading to see what little surprises pop up on the site.

In the meantime, enjoy your last week of summer.


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