Raining on Sea Bright's Holiday Party

It was just a year ago that Sea Bright was steeped in post-Hurricane Sandy recovery for the holidays. Some weren't even able to be home. Their homes had been washed away by Sandy's wrath.

The band Train had come to help cheer up Sandy-weary residents and it was a gala night. The National Guard was still posted in the municipal parking lot and people were still lining up for food and clothing. Still, Sea Bright had a long way to total recovery. Progress has been made, but that road is still a long one.

This year, free of some of the trauma, but still recovering, it rained. Yet, a festive bunch gathered where last year they had lined up for a hot meal in very adverse circumstances. Train was not there this year, but some happy Sea Bright folks were — appreciating one another's company and the spirit of the eve.

Take a look at the photos above for a glimpse into the evening.


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