Did You Know? FH Mayor's Cycling Facts

A few interesting tidbits about cycling and the Tour de Fair Haven; and, a gem of a quote from Mayor Ben Lucarelli

Fair Haven is an avid cyclist. He has said it many times. Everyone who knows the mayor knows that.

What they may not know are some interesting facts that about cycling and that the mayor shed light on at Monday's meeting.

"If you don't think cycling is dangerous, put on your pajamas and jump out of the car," Lucarelli said, reminding people of these facts:

• If you're not an experienced cyclist, you may not have realized that the "zzZZIIiipp" and "whiiiizzZZ" sounds you heard as each group of cyclists sped by the start/finish line probably emanated from the 40-mile-per-hour speed at which they were traveling. Yes, 40 miles per hour. Wait, isn't that above the speed limit on River Road?

• The cyclists in the Tour averaged 30-mile-per-hour speeds while rounding corners. In a car, the mayor said, if you rounded a corner at 30, you'd probably be doing so on two wheels, like, yes, the cyclists.

• There were 290 cyclists competing in the Tour de Fair Haven, some hailing from as far away as Colorado and Virginia.

• The woman who won the race is 57 years old and an 11-time national champion who said the Fair Haven course was a favorite of hers.

• There was one cycling accident during the Tour. A cyclist turned his attention to a woman and fell, the mayor said. He damaged his collar bone.


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