The Seven Bridges Road Update

Road is on track for reopening by mid-February

Traffic should begin flowing along Seven Bridges Road by mid-February, according to Little Silver Mayor Robert Neff, Jr.

The source of traffic snarls throughout the area, the mayor said that, according to the county engineers overseeing the project, work remains on schedule.

County Engineer Joseph Ettore and Assistant County Engineer Dennis Walsh Neff said told him that the road will reopen to traffic during the first or second week of February 2013.

"Neither engineer reports any significant surprises, and I can advise that the county has been very responsive in addressing the few questions we've received from residents," the mayor said.

A pedestrian walkway was installed in September and the old bridge has been demolished.

"Cofferdams have been constructed to provide dry areas for construction of the bridge abutments. Construction of the foundation for the new bridge is underway," Neff explained. "This involves the driving of steel piles, which are being installed (using the large crane currently on site) to support the concrete abutments. Weather permitting, these abutments are expected to be constructed by the end of November."

Walsh said in an e-mail, "Once the foundation is complete (and again, weather permitting) the installation of the precast beam superstructure, new bridge deck and roadway can begin." He added, "This portion of the project will be performed through December and January."

The county anticipates minor construction to remain once the roadway is repoened, said Neff.

"I would encourage all residents to continue to be patient, and to continue to drive carefully and within the temporary detour as the project is completed," Neff said.

JosephGhabourLaw October 22, 2012 at 07:30 PM
The re-opening is great news, particularly with the addition of a pedestrian walkway. We all could get out and about more, without a car, and having a place to walk allows us to do so.
john buonocore January 07, 2013 at 04:46 PM
I have never seen such STUPID officals, 7 Bridges was closed last year for 3-4 months, you think the GENIUS could have done ALL THE WORK at the same time,DUH


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