The Reason Why With Lead Singer Quincy Mumford Spurs Local Interest

A small town band gains fame up and down the coast, and the Rumson Fair-Haven population shares their love for the local.

Born and raised a mile from the beach in Allenhurst NJ, Quincy Mumford and his band, The Reason Why, have become a sensation at the shore.

Nineteen year-old Mumford’s love for music started young. He attended Ocean Township High School and by the time he graduated in 2010, he had already scored gigs at local restaurants, coffee shops, and the VIP tent at the PNC Arts Center.  Also, he and his band had already recorded two CD’s with the help of his producer Jon Leidersdorff who is based in Asbury Park.

Mumford’s musical inspirations include G. Love, Jack Johnson, ALO, and Sublime. “They are the major ones that made me start playing the music that I do,” he says.

Through these inspirations, Mumford has established his very own unique kind of music. “I call it groove music, a mix of funk and reggae that makes your head bob,” says Mumford who is the lead vocalist for the band, but also plays acoustic guitar, as well as occasionally the base guitar and the keys.

Mumford and his band have acquired an enormous fan-base, he has a great connection to his band, and he has mature and interesting goals for his future as an artist.

His fan-base is composed of everyone from students at local high schools like Rumson Fair-Haven Regional High School (RFH), to people up and down the coast, and even a population in foreign countries including Japan and Brazil.

“There’s a huge market there for the type of music we play,” said Mumford of his fan-base halfway around the world. Although he does not perform there, these fans are recognized through their numerous iTunes purchases.

Back here in Rumson, local listener, sixteen year-old Rebecca Farina says why she enjoys Mumford’s music, “The CD’s never get old and he’s even more fun to listen to live.”

Perhaps one of the reasons Mumford’s music is so enjoyable is because of the connection he has to his band.

“When we perform, it’s like there’s an aura around us where we get really locked into each other, and this helps us connect better with the crowd,” says Mumford.

“The Reason Why” is made up of several talented artists including Karlee Bloomfield, 18, who plays the keys, Travis Lyon, 20, who plays lead guitar, Brian Gearty, 20, who plays the bass, and Jeff Mann, 24 who plays the drums.

“My base player has been my best friend since fourth grade,” Mumford said, which is an example of the positive relationships he has with his band-mates. 

Right now, Mumford has been busy traveling to festivals and concerts up and down the coast while also maintaining a gig at Red Bank bar and restaurant Jamians every Thursday.

“We are always trying to change things up, and eventually we want to do a whole set playing each other’s instruments,” Mumford says of what is now referred to as “Feel Good Thursdays” at Jamians.

As for the future, Mumford has goals for the band and a clear vision of what he wants his career to be like.

First, he’d like to expand the band and work on getting a full horn section, something that was featured in his newest album called, “Speak” released back in April.

He also wants to focus on keeping fans interested, as well as gaining new ones.

“I work constantly redoing the website, putting up new pictures, and making more music. It’s all music, music, music,” says Mumford.

As for gaining fame and fortune, Mumford’s outlook is simple, “It’s not so much about being famous; to me it’s more about having those dedicated fans.”

If you would like to see Quincy Mumford and The Reason Why perform, visit his youtube page or check out his website, quincymumford.com for a performance schedule.

“Come out to live shows because it’s always a party when we’re playing,” says Mumford.

Steve Rogers July 09, 2011 at 04:02 PM


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