SEND US YOUR PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy

If you're safe, but have photos of the waves, the roads and the impact of the first hurricane to directly hit the Rumson-Fair Haven region, please upload them here

The effects of what could be the biggest storm story of our this era were captured by many people in the area.

In Sea Bright, the Atlantic Ocean met the Shrewsbury River and put the entire town under water while wiping out beach clubs and turning Ocean Avenue into a beach, with sand spanning across the road, dotted by cars that floated and stuck in spots. Donovan's Reef washed away and only remnants of some beach clubs remain.

Further south, photographer Tom McKelvey, who caught these images of a small boat trying to navigate heavy surf off the Shark River Inlet Sunday afternoon.

We are looking for people to provide a service, and inform the readers about the effects of the first hurricane to directly strike the Jersey Shore in recorded history.

Please upload any photos you may have of Sandy's wrath and tell us your stories.

Nicholas Loffredo October 29, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Thanks folks! Keep sharing above.


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