Report: Seastreak Captain Says Mechanics to Blame for Ferry Crash

Investigators plan to review damaged vessel today

The captain of the Seastreak ferry told federal investigators that mechanical problems are to blame for the Wednesday crash in Lower Manhattan, according to the Star Ledger.

Capt. Jason Reimer, who has been identified as a local resident, told the National Transportation Safety Board Thursday that the vessel's controls "did not respond" when he approached Pier 1 from Highlands Wednesday morning. The ensuing crash left more than 70 people injured.

"Both diesel engines shut off," National Transportation Safety Board member Robert Sumwalt told the newspaper. 

The Seastreak was recently updated with new engines and a modified propulsion system, the paper reported.

The federal investigators also interviewed Reimer's crew and Seastreak's engineer and are scheduled to inspect the vessel's systems and damage today.

The Safety Board asks any witnesses to the incident to email witness@ntsb.gov.

Sal Cannizzaro January 13, 2013 at 03:31 AM
My heart goes out to all that were injured on that ferry ride that morning and i hope they all came to a speedy recovery. i had friends and neigbors on board. I believe the captain of that vessel because the same thing happened to my captain back a number of years ago who was running my 65 foot Hattereas and was pulling into Atlantic highlands marina after a family trip to New England and as we approached the dock the boat trottles DID NOT respond. The boat kept on going. hIt was a mechanical malfunction. Fortunately non of us were hurt but it did crash into another boat at the gas dock. This type of mechanical malfunction can be evidenced by viewing certain mechanical components in the engine room. So it should be a very clear diagnoses for the coast guard and other authorities to evaluate. I could imagine how terrible that captain felt. The sea streak ferry is an extremely reputable company and its the only way to travel to NYC. I take it all the time. They are a reputable company and we need them to stay in town.


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