Remember Military Loved Ones with a Planter

Create a garden container for a passed loved one.

Memorial Day weekend is here, and while it does mark the unofficial launch of the summer season in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, Monday is really designated as a time to remember and honor loved ones and military who have passed.

Their resting places are significant commemorations and many family members sense a peaceful contentment by their visits. With just a little effort, those sites can also bring an air of warmth with accents of annual flowers and plants.

The process creating a remembrance garden is similar to a preparing a container garden for the home, but there are some features to keep in mind to optimize the health and longevity of the arrangement.

The Container:

Any size or shape container is suitable, but keep in mind the final space and keep it simple and tasteful. There are many options for containers from ceramic glazed, to simple terra cotta or even traditional wood cemetery logs.


While any plant can be deemed appropriate, the finished product will bestow a great fulfillment by using favored plants for the person for which it is intended. Keep in mind, however, how often it will receive watering, pruning, fertilizer and attention. Some hardy flower ideas that will endure the summer heat and provide a splash of color are geraniums, zinnias, or marigolds.

  • Geraniums come in a range of colors including pink, white, salmon, coral, and even lavender. It also does well with sporadic watering, which means it is likely to survive well throughout the summer, even if it only receives natural rainfall.
  • Zinnias are also a great choice because of their beautiful pom-styled flowers that are available in almost every shade (except blue). They can also grow to a medium height which makes them a great partner with other ground cover plants.
  • Marigolds come in reds, oranges, and yellows, and are very forgiving flowers. They can handle extreme heat and sporadic watering equally well.

When putting together a cemetery basket keep the height of the flowers in mind, being sure to take advantage of varying heights for a rich tapestry of texture. Think through the color scheme so the shades work in unison. Also, think about the favored colors of the recipient, or perhaps choose patriotic colors for military personnel.

Ultimately, whatever choices are made when creating this remembrance, it will be enjoyed by many loved ones and will deliver a sense of tranquility and serenity for all visitors, especially the designer.


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