Moving Mount Sandy in Sea Bright

Mountains of sand piled from Hurricane Sandy starting to level out

When Hurricane Sandy first hit Sea Bright's shores, the peninsula borough was blanketed with sand. The beach was on the street.

After some shuffling around of sand and piling into the municipal and Sea Bright Public Beach parking lot, what is now referred to as Mount Sandy appeared.

Giant mounds of sand have since been piled along the horizon. People have been climbing them, heading over the other side to the beach — what's left of it.

Now, though, if you take a trek toward the Sea Bright's beaches, you'll see "No Trespassing" signs, most areas are cordoned off and the mountains of sand are getting lower.

That's because, "the boro was given permission by the (NJ) DEP (Deparment of Environmental Protection) to screen the sand and put it back where it belongs," said Mayor Dina Long on her Facebook page. "State and federal inspectors have benn notified and samples were taken. The borough will be using this sand for new dunes on the public beach."

Parking lots are peppered with equipment to rake and take the sand back to the beach.

Take a look at the above photos for a glimpse into the project.

Linda Gillespie April 22, 2013 at 12:40 PM
What lurks in the water though? I heard of a surfer in Avon last week that was cut pretty badly by debris that was in the water. How safe will it be to go back into the ocean?


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