Memorable Moments: Alabama Power

A flashback to the night Fair Haven honored Alabama Power with a proclamation and reception in December

When Alabama Power came back to visit what workers had dubbed their new "Sweet Home Fair Haven" to be honored by the borough, everyone was overcome with emotion.

Fair Haven residents had come to love Alabama Power and call the company's workers their heroes when they came into town and got electricity up and running after Hurricane Sandy turned the lights off in the borough for nearly two weeks.

Above is a flashback moment of that night on Dec. 11, 2012 when workers recalled their experiences in Fair Haven and Alabama Power's principals handed over a check for $10,000 from the people of Fair Haven to the American Red Cross for Sandy recovery.

Take a look. Were you there? What impressed you most about Alabama Power workers that night?

Patch will be featuring such memorable moments in short clips, or video flashbacks to pivotal scenes, conversation snippets or caught-on-film milestones once a week or more if something of particular interest walks our way.


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