Emmy-Nominated Local's Show Needs Kickstart

The public television show, which promises to reveal the true New Jersey, needs funding to continue.

Among the television landscape, the seemingly unreal Real Housewives and the Shore-side fist-pumping, the most authentic presentation of New Jersey and its residents currently being broadcast is Driving Jersey.

The Emmy-nominated show, which made the leap to television last year and is produced by Steve Rogers and Ryan Bott, is a labor of love.

You could say it's more than a job, but a job implies that the pair have made money from traveling the state and documenting its more interesting people and stories. In truth, much of the funding for the PBS show has come straight from the pockets of Rogers and Bott.

Now it's time to help Driving Jersey out.

Rogers recently announced a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the future of the reality television program. The fundraising effort, which runs through Nov. 1, has a goal of at least $10,000, which will help fund the next season of Driving Jersey. 

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. In order for Driving Jersey to receive the donated money, the fundraising goal needs to be met.

From the Driving Jersey Kickstarter campaign website:

"So we produced a first season with our own money, just like we've always done, but it stretched us beyond thin and now we need the help of others to keep this drive, this mission alive. 

"Without a successful fund drive, Driving Jersey will likely have to park it in the driveway and smart and thoughtful visions of our world, our state will have a harder time being seen."

Rogers, a former Patch contributor, has produced videos for Driving Jersey documenting everything from the Cinnamon Snail, a vegan food truck, to Rockit, a youth rock and roll class held at the Count Basie Theatre.

"We're asking you to contribute what you can and to spread the word to others, so we can produce a second and future seasons of Driving Jersey, because once and awhile a show comes along, and it's the right show for the time and place, and well ... that show, this show, happens to be Driving Jersey."

To lend your monetary support, from as little as a $1 to as much as, well, anything, visit the Driving Jersey Kickstarter.


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