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Post-Sandy Memorable Moment: Sea Bright Mayor's 'DO' Speech

The mayor addressed hundreds at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School's Borden Stadium

It's been just about four months since Hurricane Sandy hit and the ocean met the Shrewsbury River and whiped out Sea Bright.

A couple of days after the storm, Mayor Dina Long gathered residents at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School and gave a very emotional speech in the wake of Sandy's devastation.

She spoke of how, in what she thought was one of the darkest moments of her tenure as mayor, she took a walk outside to reflect and saw two letters of what was the Donovan's Reef sign stuck in the sand and debris strewn along the waterfront — the letters D and O. The mayor took it as a sign of hope for her town and took her message to her wartorn residents.

The speech quickly became known as the "DO" speech. Patch was there on that windy, damp, dank day.

Take a look at the above original video clip of the speech and think of how far Sea Bright has come since.


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