UPDATE: What Should Go Here? Old Long Branch Movie Theater

Building has been vacant for close to 20 years


The site of the old Long Branch movie theater on Ocean Avenue has been vacant for almost 20 years, and there have been no signs of anybody buying the property.

The theater, which is located near Lou's Uniforms and Ocean Cafe, was once one of the only of its kind in the area, and was in operation before AMC Loews Theater at Monmouth Mall opened.

There is an application for the June 11 Long Branch Zoning Board where a group will present plans to build a synagogue and Jewish Community Center on the site.

The entire blacktop area behind the theater and the neighboring buildings are considered part of the property and are part of the site plan. The blacktop area is currently used as a free parking area by residents who visit West End.

We want to know what you think should occupy the old movie theater building? Do you think the synagogue is a good idea? Get creative and make your voice heard.

West End Resident September 07, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Just a FYI the temple is not a business, it's a house of G-d and should be respected as such by all, Dispite your religious affiliation... Shabbat Shalom and a beautiful weekend to all!
West End Supporter September 07, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Mr. Giglio: You are a very, sick, angry person. I really feel sorry for you, especially since you are not able to spell or punctuate a sentence correctly. Maybe you should take the time to get a GED rather than trying to blog with otherwise intelligent people.
Patience September 07, 2012 at 10:16 PM
I totally agree! How about another movie theatre??
DJGigs September 08, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Hello West End Supporter. Now that I am on a windows PC and can use spell check I am wondering if instead of making an assumption about me . If you can honestly answer any of the questions posted here on this blog THAT you DO NOT OWN !!! 1) If it was Illegal back then (3 years ago) is it Illegal Now? 2) Do you feel Belittling people and not answering or defending the situation is on par with your suberb level of being SO FAR above everyone else And assuming you actually now who I am ( Where is your proof on this Alias) 3) I loved the support this past summer . NOT ONE name for Chabad by the Shore was on Any sponsers of ANY of the events that happened this past Summer Season . We seen ST Barnabus, We seen The Mix, We Saw Chevy , DCH Honda .. But No mention of any one of that Group , The same group that claims they want to be part of the west end culture. 4) If you are going to actually belittle someones spelling on this blog and tell them to get a GED be prepared to be able to math there Brain . I will bet you couldnt keep up with any of us on this Blog , Math Wise, Computer wise or Even Wit Wise . Have a great day and Kleenex is in Aisle 5 :)))
DJGigs September 09, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Update... The link shows a change in the proposal. Parking to be more liberal and retail space so that way the city loses no rate-ables . 1) Unless there is a signature of intent ,just taking these guys word is like a hand shake from Al Capone 2) Once its a religious venue , Anything they want to do cannot be stopped , Simply because it will in the name of religion . And you know that's basically a free ticket to do what ever you want to do 3) I love how people on this board use there religion against those that are against this claiming we are bigoted or racist. When It seems those pushing for this are using religion and race against us . TALK ABOUT reverse RACISM


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