Open Businesses in Rumson, Fair Haven

Looking for a place to go for food, goods? We know where you can get what you need in the area.

With electric restoration on the grim side in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, people are hard pressed to find a place where they can park themselves for a few minutes, grab something to eat, get some supplies or just get out and socialize.

Even without electricity, there are quite a few eateries operating with gas stoves and other business open for limited times and selling some needed goods, like candles and medicine.

In Fair Haven, Acme is open and continuing to operate on a generator with refrigerated and freezer goods for sale. Tavolo Pronto has no electricity, but is cooking on gas and serving up some sandwiches, pizzas, baked goods (made off premise) and coffee.

Fairwinds Deli is open until roughly 3 p.m. daily now.

Sansu Japanese Steakhouse restaurant on River Road is open, as is No. 1 Chinese Restaurant (sporadically).

Krauszer's, on River Road, has been open as well.

In Rumson, Rumson Pharmacy is open daily until 6 p.m., operating on a generator.

Val's Tavern has also been open daily and into the evenings.

If you know of any other businesses open, please add them in the comments section below.

maryrose fabbri November 08, 2012 at 06:09 PM
wow..you really don't know the facts. first 1 Chinese was shut down by the board of health Friday after the storm and They cant open until the board of health comes back. Second one place that was opened the whole time you never mentioned.When the storm first head, Umberto's was the only place open in the entire town, and was there for the Fair Haven police, already donating food on Monday night , the night of the storm and donated food to the national guide on Wensday and Thursday. That place was Umberto's..They made the pizza dough by hand. You guys are always talking about Tavolo.and never Umberto's ..maybe you guys should get your head out of our ass and see the people at Umberto's. They are the best.The most caring people. Talk about them for once.....
Equal oppurtunity November 08, 2012 at 11:29 PM
I agree that the patch is very biased , misinformed electronic media rag. The "patch " in what they write about is often second handed and misinformed info. Does Elaine van Develde even live in this area ? Do people realize that Ms. Van Develde derives income from advertisers who take the spaces on the sides and both above and below the " the breaking news " that she reports. The news often reported is a joke ! I thought when the patch started it would be great and it would be like my personnel small town newspaper with which I grew up with. I no longer jump to read it any more as it is nothing but a waste of time and energy. Elaine sell your franchise to someone who really cares and who will get us the straight news for once. Your complete disregard of Umberto's pizza and restaurant through all of mentions of food in the town of Fair Haven shows were your journalistic views are coming from -- your pocket from which those business help fill on a daily


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