Bites Nearby: Vic's

Family owned bar and restaurant a favorite for many years in Bradley Beach.

I went to Vic's for the first time in years the day after the hurricane. After a long weekend of preparing for the worst, it felt great to come out of hiding to a place busy enough that you couldn't even tell a storm had come through. Or perhaps it was just that feeling of being holed up and needing to GET OUT to eat a comforting meal. 

With family immigrating here dating back to 1910, Vic's was originally "Vic's Tap Room", but became "Vic's Bar and Restaurant" in 1947.  I have never once run into someone who has been to Vic's who hasn't spoken highly of it, and always insisting that I must go. So that, paired with its rich history, put Vic's on my Patch list. 

When arrived, there were still a lot of people without power that were seeking a satisfying meal. You can't really go wrong with Italian, so I had a hard time saying no to my friend's suggestion.  I went there hungry, of course, having barely eaten save for leftover "hurricane snacks".  Between a group of 5, we split a bunch of food and no one was complaining.  I ordered an antipasto to split, which was unconventional in that it had lettuce and celery atop pepperoni, salami, and provolone, drizzled with olive oil -- but it was pretty tasty. The fried calamari was made crispy enough for me to enjoy (sometimes it's a little too rubbery for me), and I gobbled it up.

We ordered two pizzas -- the Special (sausage and peppers) and one with just onions.  (As onions aren't for me, I stuck to the sausage and peppers!)  Vic's signature style for pizza is thin crust, which I love if it is done right (and it was).  My brother went for the Manicotti, an Italian favorite that he was able to enjoy thoroughly while also taking home leftovers.

Since it had been the first time I had visited Vic's in a long while, I would have been doing them a disservice by not ordering the pizza. I do, however, plan to go back, as their other Italian dishes and sandwiches looked mouth watering.  They have a pesto cream sauce tossed with spaghetti, a whole wheat pasta option for the fiber conscious, traditional dishes like linguine with clam sauce (white or red), penne with vodka sauce, lasagna or less common penne with melted fresh mozzarella and green peppers. They have a wide variety of entrees as well, that will give you enough to take home with you: chicken parmigiana, chicken cacciatore, lamb chops, NY Strip steak and sausage and peppers, to name a few.  They also, of course, serve sausage and pepper sandwiches, chicken parmigiana sandwichs, BLTs and meatball sandwiches. 

Besides the traditional "Special" pizza, they also offer whole wheat pizza and a variety of toppings: green peppers, onions, garlic, pimento, meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, anchovies, olives, tomato, broccoli, meat sauce or eggplant. A naturally family oriented restaurant, they have a brief but well rounded Kids' Menu, of spaghetti (choice of tomato, marinara or butter sauce), spaghetti with meatball, sausage, meat sauce or mushroom sauce, single veal parmigiana or single veal cutlet, meat or cheese ravioli, chicken fingers or a single chicken parmigiana.  Of course, for the adults, they have a decent selection of beers, and a wine list (by the bottle). 

For more information, call 732-774-8225, visit www.vicspizza.com, or just stop in to its location on Main Street in Bradley Beach.


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