A GLAMorous Grand Opening

Hundreds turned out for theGLAMbar's grand opening Friday on Broad Street in Red Bank.

What do you get when you mix a traditional salon and a blow dry bar that specializes in blowouts? The owner of a new downtown Red Bank hair boutique says you get theGLAMbar, a back-to-the-basics, full-styling facility located on Broad Street.

TheGLAMbar recently held its grand opening, welcoming hundreds of people and introducing them to the beautiful new boutique and giving them a crash course on what, exactly, GLAM means.

Get ready for a flood of GLAM. From a release on the opening:

TheGLAMbar is a boutique of GLAM. Because they don’t concentrate on cutting or coloring, they can focus on every aspect of their clientele and make certain they leave not only looking spectacular, but feeling GLAMorized! They are in the business to GLAMmify you. Beyond blowouts, they also offer services including: $40 blow outs (for any length hair), the make-up bar (where you select a gorgeous look), the brow bar (where your eyebrows will truly bring out the beauty of your eyes), and the event bar (where they put an entire ensemble together for that special event). theGLAMbar also offers a wardrobe bar for to select an exquisite outfit to complete your look. Also available is a GLAMcoach to help you with your everyday needs. in addition, we also provide our services in the privacy of your own home with our GLAMaffairs and theGLAMbar 2go with GLAMrelief.

TheGLAMbar is located at 116 Broad St. For more infromation about the shop and what going GLAM can do for you, check out theGLAMbars.com.

Michiel Van Kets August 02, 2012 at 06:23 AM
It is a interesting combination. I hope I was there on the grand opening.


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