Rumson's West Park Still Rising

A look at the changes in Rumson's lowest lying area along the Shrewsbury River

It's been more than a year since Hurricane Sandy spun her wrath on low-lying Rumson — West Park, specifically.

Since then, residents have rallied to raise their homes. A lot of progress has been made. Things are looking up, literally, with homes — a few feet higher, at least.

About 400 homes in Rumson were damaged by Sandy, officials have said. Roughly 50 of those homes involved major elevation and/or reconstruction.

Some residents have elevated their homes extensively, some modestly, and others have completely revamped, torn down their abodes or left the area unable to afford the necessary alterations.

Take a look at the gallery of homes that have risen and fallen. To get an idea of how much progress has been made, take a look back at the photo gallery of the area in March, after the nor'easter and about five months after Sandy.

For a look a bit further back to right after the beginning of 2013, take a look back at what the area looked like as people just began to elevate, renovate or tear down.


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