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R-FH School Board Notes Student Demand for More Math, Computer Science

The board says it will consider increasing opportunities for students to take computer science and go beyond AP Calculus

Rumson Fair Haven High School
Rumson Fair Haven High School

More Rumson-Fair Haven High School students are electing to take computer science courses next September, as well as higher level math courses that go beyond AP Calculus.

As a result, the Rumson-Fair Haven Board of Education is considering the need for additional courses or course instructors, as well as advanced math courses for students at Brookdale Community College.

For the 2014-2015 school year, guidance counselors will meet with each student individually to determine who needs computer science courses most, and will explore alternatives for those who can't be accommodated. 

The Board noted that an increase in students applying for Computer Science not only showed the need for more computer science class space. "It also shows a need to provide extracurricular activities for Computer Science and Technology," said Board member Teresa Liccardi.

The increase in students desiring math courses beyond A.P. Calculus is happening because more students are graduating from 8th grade at higher levels of Algebra and taking Geometry as freshmen. This would then place the student in Pre-Calculus as a sophomore, with no higher levels of math available once Calculus is completed junior year. 

"Historically, the school has only seen one to two students per school year in this situation," said Schools Superintendent Peter Righi. But the school has now reported that for the 2014-2015 school year, at least 10-12 students, if not more, now qualified for courses higher than A.P. Calculus, he said.

The Board discussed how there was currently a policy in place for the qualifying student to be sent to Brookdale Community College for the appropriate course, with the tuition cost being the responsibility of the student's family. Financial aid would be available through the school district for those that would qualify. 

The board agreed to monitor the need for higher math courses, including the possible need for another instructor or course at the high school, depending on the total number of students who qualified. 

In other technology news, the Board reported that the Technology Committee would be further reviewing how students were using technology in the classroom, and continue to encourage students to upload unnamed educational videos to You Tube. 

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School will also be allowing WiFi on campus next year. The Technology Committee had reported no instances of internet abuse on behalf of students during the 2013-2014 school year, and also had noted students wariness at using their own private information to access the internet from other devices.


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