Rumson Council Thanked by Navesink Maritime Heritage Association

The Rumson mayor and council were thanked by the Navesink Maritime Heritage Association for endorsing local maritime projects.

The Onrust sailing in to Fair Haven June 7th
The Onrust sailing in to Fair Haven June 7th
At the Rumson Borough Council meeting Tuesday night, Rumson mayor John Ekdahl and the Rumson council were thanked by Michael Humphreys of the Navesink Maritime Heritage Association for their unsolicited endorsement of the local group.

Humphreys presented the mayor and council with a framed Certificate of Appreciation that pictured the Onrust sailing ship, a replica of the 17th century Dutch ship originally based in New York Harbor in the early 1600's. The original ship was the first yacht and fur trading vessel to be built in America, and is also believed to have been built with help from Native Americans in the New York area.

The replica ship was built by the Onrust Project, a nonprofit organization out of New York that began the project to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the found of New York City.  Monmouth County is also celebrating the 350th anniversary of Monmouth County settlers arriving to the area in 1664, and it was for the anniversary that the Navesink Maritime Heritage Association contacted thOnrust Project to request the ship travel to the area for local residents to experience a part of history of trading and maritime activity between the New York Harbor and the Navesink River.  The mayor and council had endorsed the project after receiving a letter from the Navesink Maritime Heritage Association regarding their project.

The ship had arrived June 7th at the Fair Haven Yacht Works on the Navesink River, and was also exhibited the following day at Marine Park in Red Bank.

"The local maritime history is quite important, and so we appreciate your endorsement to highlight this history and help promote local maritime projects," Humphrey said to Mayor Ekdahl and the Rumson Council.

The Navesink Maritime Heritage Association hosts projects and activities for families and children, such as the River Rangers Progam. Information can be obtained from www.navesinkmaritime.org.


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