Bloopers & Classic Quotes of 2013

A collection of classic moments in the "Take one, take two ..." sound bites and clips

No doubt about it, the R-FH area is flush with interesting people who have a lot to say and do.

Patch caught up with many of them in 2013. Consciously or not, the things they did and said that we scooped back up from the cutting room floor were classic.

We would probably have to say, though, that as much as most of the people of the community kept us on our toes and laughing, Fair Haven Firemen's Fair volunteer Jeanette Choma takes the prize for her unwavering dedication to a town she's lived in most of her life and loves and the endless stream of hysterical things she has to say about it.

Take a look at all the outtakes, bloopers, chuckles and magically fun moments of 2013 captured in the above video.


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