A Winter's Day on the Navesink

All is calm after Hurricane Sandy and the recent threat of flooding and snow.

Like Fair Haven, Red Bank came through Hurricane Sandy basically unscathed.

There was some flooding, but mostly right on the banks and docks of the Navesink at Marine Park, where the water routinely laps up to meet parkside docks and buildings regardless of the tide.

There are some Sandy remnants surrounding Marine Park. Boondock's Fishery, which stretches from the edge of the parking lot onto the river on a dining dock was washed out. The small building that housed the spot for cooking at the seasonal eatery still stands. So does a dumpster filled with debris with what was unsalvagable there and around it.

Down by the marina, things are calm and tranquil. The air was brisk and the sun was out Thursday afternoon with few signs of what any storm left behind.

Take a look at the photos above for a glimpse into a wintry day on the Navesink.


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