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Retrospect: R-FH Grad's $1 a Day Job

The job was at the Carlton Theater, now Count Basie. Can you guess how much he made and what the big night was there?

The year was 1939. Native Fair Havenite Ken Lockwood, now 90, was told by his dad, after he graduated from what was Rumson High School then that he needed to go out and get a job.

So, that's what Lockwood did. He wandered down Monmouth Street in Red Bank and saw a sign in the window of the then Carlton Theater, now Count Basie, that said "Ushers Wanted." He was hired on the spot for what he thought then was a fortune.

The place only showed movies at the time and he took his job very seriously, spending his money on bus fare and candy. Some interesting things happened at the Carlton back in the day. Do you know what dish night is?

See how much Lockwood made as a teen and find out what was considered the big night at the Carlton.

Click on the video above for a glimpse into the past in Red Bank.

Bill Sleight February 20, 2013 at 01:22 AM
Dish night was when the theater would give out plates and other dish ware to get you to keep coming as you built up your set. As a kid I remember theaters on Staten Island doing this.
Linda Moberg February 27, 2013 at 09:38 PM
I remember going to the Carlton many times with my mom as a little girl and then my daddy after I was about 5 or so and we went every weekend to either there, the drivein or Asbury Park theater. We usually sat in the balcony when they had one because daddy smoked cigars and you could only sit upstairs. Those were the days!


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