MONMOUTH BEACH YOGA & WELLNESS (MBYW) WILL BE HOSTING 3 WORKSHOPS THIS WEEKEND 10/25, 10/26 & 10/27                                      Friday, 10/25 from 7:30-9pmBody of Writing Sampler with Mimi Cross

Body of Writing adds an additional dimension to the traditional body, mind, spirit practice of yoga: story. Body of Writing offers a combination of inspirational writing exercises and simple yoga postures as well as meditation and visualization techniques designed to help workshop participants access the stories they carry, often unknowingly, in their bodies. Calming breathing techniques will allow participants to move deeper into the process of unearthing their stories. The artistic aspect of each participant will be challenged and nurtured, and everyone will leave Body of Writing feeling stimulated and relaxed. Some individuals will depart with new goals for their writing lives or the start of a new piece. Body of Writing is both energizing and soothing. No previous experience with yoga or writing is necessary. Body of Writing participants will explore their writing and their bodies, and receive the benefits of connecting the two. Attendees of this special evening sampler of Body of Writing will begin to learn how to leave their inner critics at the door and listen to their bodies instead! All levels. All genres.

Mimi Cross holds an MA in music education from New York University and is an RYT with over 200 hours of teacher training. Her song 2 Clay Feet was featured on the Kripalu Yoga Center Seva CD, Svadharma. She is the author of The Alligator Waiter, published by Abe's Peanut in 2012, and The Crankamacallit, a children's iPad app designed by Polymash and released on iTunes in 2011. Her CDs can be found on iTunes.

Come try this amazing sampler workshop and if you love it you can sign up for our 8 week series coming up in November... More to come.

 $15 for this workshop


Saturday, 10/26 from 12-2pm


Yoga 4 Cancer Workshop with Michelle Doyle

Whether you are a cancer patient, survivor, newly diagnosed, in treatment, caregiver, gathering strength or thriving, yoga can further your recovery and help you feel whole again.  Not all yoga classes are right for cancer patients and survivors. This workshop will help you find the beauty in your practice honoring your body and its needs. Taking a yoga class can be intimidating because of the unique physical and emotional needs that cancer & its treatments bring.

y4c workshop is tailored to address the specific needs of cancer patients and survivors. These classes are not one-size-fits-all, nor simply a gentle yoga class. This workshop is designed to build strength & flexibility in safe ways stimulate your immune system & build bone density detox the body and cultivate a sense of well-being create hope & community empower all to take control & enhance their lives.

Taught by a trained y4c teacher- Michelle Doyle.

$30 for this workshop

Sunday, 10/27 from 4-6pmFall In Love With Yin- Yin workshop with Liz T.


Fall is a season of transformation, coming just after the summer harvest. Chinese medicine teaches us it is the natural time of letting go. The practice of yin is a contemplative practice of long-held, poses that open and energize the energy pathways (Meridians) of the body. Yin yoga helps nourish the joints and targets the deep connective tissues of the lower body with a focus on the spine, hips, and pelvis. Benefits of the practice are increased flexibility, energy flow and relaxation. All levels welcome.  

Bring a friend to celebrate the change of seasons with us & stay for a cup of relaxing tea.

$30 for this workshop


SIGN UP ONLINE www.mbyogaandwellness.com, in studio or reserve your spot by calling Lisa Matthews at 973-452-2828


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